Moroccan Sabra Cactus Silk Rug, one of the best Moroccan heritage. This one of a kind piece of handmade art, purely hand woven on traditional wooden looms by Moroccan Berber Women from the Moroccan Atlas Mountains.
This beautiful sabra silk rug is Very rich of ancient Amazigh Berber symbolic motifs, tattoos arranged in a complete harmony. These motifs combining abstract and geometric design that make it into a bold piece for any interior styles, including Traditional, Bohemian, Minimalist, Modern, and Scandinavian, which makes it the best choice for your needs.
This unique, rare artistic handmade rug has also been featured on the cover of the world’s leading home decoration magazines. It can be used as a statement rug or ethnic wall hanging to bring a pop of color into your living space. Our Moroccan Sabra Cactus Silk Rug are Hand dipped in dyes, sun bleached and air dried to achieve its unique, burnished character.



  • Suggested Retail Price: 1000.5$.
  • Dimensions: 5’3 x 8’2 ft- 164×250 cm.
  • Material: Sabra Silk Fibers.
  • Condition: Authentic and clean.
  • Handmade in Atlas mountain : One of a kind and no two are alike.
  • Eco Friendly: Totally handmade from organic materials
  • Every rug has been cleaned and ready to ship.


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