This Unique vintage rug is from Boujad Tribe, weaved from natural wool. It is a unique rare artistic handmade Moroccan carpet. Moroccan vintage rugs are considered one of the most prestigious handmade rugs in the world. Simple geometric designs, natural floral figures, Berber symbols, a beautiful combination of neutral and colorful colors, and deep, soft piles. This charming, vibrant rug with its rows of eye-catching tattoo designs and geometric medallions set against a background will enhance any setting. It has mellowed with time.The rug is soft and feels good underfoot. It’s pliable enough to drape over furniture. which make it the best choice whether for your house or your showroom or even your wall.


  • Suggested Retail Price: 935$
  • Wool
  • Perfect, clean
  • 2’6×8’5 ft- 80x260cm  .
  • This handmade rug is the only piece, one of a kind and no two are alike.
  • Every rug has been cleaned and ready to ship.


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