This box is a real treasure and art piece, for that very special person who appreciates the beauty that is hidden within nature. All our boxes are made of pure Thuya wood. Carved designs are perfectly made with hands. This jewelry box is Handcrafted from extremely rare wood and burls from the ancient forests of Essaouira (Morocco), with inlaid Mother of Pearl. It’s easy to clean Plus, it has a large space to store all of your jewelry in one place. This is the perfect gift for any jewelry lover! The exotic Thuya tree has been used for centuries by Moroccan woodcraft artisans. Thuya wood “burls”, the knobby outgrowths of the trunk or branches, produce beautiful and interesting wood grains which make every piece truly unique

A beautiful lockable wooden box that could be a great gift for your family members and for those you love.
– A great trinket Thuya box which is perfect for all the small things that you have.
Perfect jewellery chest for jewels.

“Please note for quantity ordering: due to their Handmade nature the size and the wood color may vary slightly, and that is which makes every piece a unique craft”

Suggested Retail Price: 364$.
Length: 31 cm – 12.2 inches
Width: 21 cm – 8.2 inches
Height: 14 cm – 5.5 inches
Decorative Wood Box.
Unique Handmade Thuya Box.
Delivery Time: 3 to 5 Business Days.

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